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Physics, Master 1 subject


Degree: Master of Science
Start: Winter- and summer semester
Duration: 4 semesters
Classroom language: German, English

Detailed information for international applicants

What's it all about?

This degree programme is unique, because ...

 we are “Human – Multi-Faceted – Research-Driven”: our degree programme offers advanced scientific training in a specialist field of physics.

It provides the opportunity to specialise in the following fields
  • Astronomy & astrophysics
  • Biophysics
  • Solid-state physics and material science
  • Nuclear & particle physics
  • Plasma physics

Who is suited?

Those who wish to enrol in this degree programme,

... have:
substantial understanding of experimental physics, theoretical physics and mathematics (acquired in the B.Sc. degree course in Physics)
... enjoy:
researching unsolved physical issues and working in a team
... struggle through:
challenging and tedious tasks, e.g. elaborate installations in experimental physics or time-consuming programming in theoretical physics

This degree programme is suited for graduates in the following subjects
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics (direct access)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Physics (with conditions if applicable)
  • Graduates of Bachelor's programmes in natural sciences, mathematics and engineering (with conditions if applicable)
Graduates from this degree programme frequently work
  • in research and academia
  • in academic and scientific fields
  • as corporate consultants
  • as science journalists
  • as patent attorneys

And else?

An internship ...

is optional.

Studying abroad ...

is recommended. It is done in the 5th semester.
Duration: 1 semester

Where do I find help?

Academic advisory office

Dr. Ivonne Möller
Building, Room: NB 02/172
Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-29105
Website academic advisory office