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Mechanical Engineering

... looks into questions such as ...

  • What does a future, self-sufficient and environmentally friendly energy supply look like?
  • What materials will the products of the future be made of?
  • Where can the use of artificial intelligence improve processes?
  • How and where can intelligent robots make our everyday lives easier?
  • How do we avoid CO2 emissions?
  • What will the mobility of the future look like?
  • The mechanical engineering degree at RUB opens up many possibilities.

    Lukas Hetnöcker, Master's degree read more ...

  • The importance of the much-cited early interest in engineering for the mechanical engineering degree is overrated, I think.

    Niklas Küppers, Master's degree read more ...

  • If you want to study Mechanical Engineering, you should have an interest in technology and not get discouraged easily. One failed exam is not the end of the world.

    Niklas Stoepel, Bachelor's degree read more ...

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