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Korean Studies

... looks into questions such as ...

  • How can I get to know Korea by studying documents in the original language?
  • Which role has Korea played in the history of East Asia?
  • Where does traditional and modern Korean culture figure within the East-Asian and global context?
  • What view of Korea does the Western world hold and how has it changed within the last 150 years?
  • Which political role do the two Korean countries play in East Asia and on a global level?
  • The great thing about the Faculty of East Asian Studies is that your uniqueness is accepted and valued, no matter how crazy you might be.

    Anna Witzke, Bachelor's degree read more ...

  • I like that we were introduced to the full range of topics covered by Korean studies (literature, history, religions, language) in the first semesters.

    Kristina Dudda, Bachelor's degree read more ...

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