East Asian Politics

... looks into questions such as ...

  • Which role does East Asia play in terms of Global Governance?
  • How has China’s economic and political transformation in the last 30 years been progressing?
  • How is Japan’s regional and global role changing?
  • How did the modernisation process in East Asian countries progress in the 19th and 20th century?
  • Which problems does East Asian politics currently revolve around and where do they rank within a regional and international context?

Degree programmes


East Asian Politics, Master 1 subject


Degree: Master of Arts
Start: Winter- and summer semester
Duration: 4 semesters
Classroom language: German, English

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What's it all about?

This degree programme is unique, because ...

it is one of a few degree programmes in Europe providing a postgraduate course focusing on current political and economic issues and problems in the East Asian regions (China, Japan and Korea).

It provides the opportunity to specialise in the following fields
  • Foreign & Security Policy of East Asia
  • Governments and institutions of East Asia
  • Political culture and history of East Asia
  • Regionalisation and internationalisation
  • East Asia and Global Economic Governannce
  • Political economics of East Asia

Who is suited?

Those who wish to enrol in this degree programme,


  • language proficiency
  • understanding of theory and methods pertaining to political science
  • knowledge of the region


  • researching, analysing, presenting
  • political and economic topics

struggle through:

  • theory of political science, linguistic challenges, seminar papers
This degree programme is suited for graduates in the following subjects
  • East Asian Economics and Politics, B.A.
  • general politics and regional studies with an East Asian focus
Graduates from this degree programme frequently work
  • in the civil service/ministries
  • in international organisations
  • in East Asia-oriented enterprises
  • in Non-Governmental Organisations
  • in research institutes

And else?

An internship ...

is recommended. It is done in the 3rd semester.
Duration: 6 months

Studying abroad ...

is recommended. It is done in the 3rd semester.
Duration: 1 semester

Where do I find help?

Academic advisory office

Dr. David O'Brien
Building, Room: AKAFÖ-Haus OAW, Universitätsstr. 134, Raum 2/14
Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-26159
Website academic advisory office

Contact students

Fachschaft Ostasienwissenschaften
Building, Room: AKAFÖ-Haus, Universitätsstr. 134, Raum 2/30
Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-25033
Website Fachschaft


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