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Criminology, Criminalistics and Police Science

... looks into questions such as ...

  • How can we handle certain phenomena of criminality?
  • What is the current situation of police research?
  • How can theoretical findings be made applicable in practice?
  • Which relevant criminology issues are currently being discussed?
  • How can I conduct my own research and publish the results?
  • The daily challenge of approaching current topics from a scientific point of view is what I enjoy most.

    Andreas Schwinkendorf, Master's degree read more ...

  • Everybody was invited to contribute their practical experience in a creative manner, which resulted in very interesting lectures.

    Sina Wolf , Master's degree read more ...

  • The student group provides highly valuable insights thanks to its diverse make-up regarding the participants' professional background and experience.

    Simon Kirsch, Master's degree read more ...

  • It is crucial to maintain a high level of discipline right from the start.

    Stefanie Keller, M.A. read more ...

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